The President
of the Republic of Srpska

We are looking forward to your visit, during which, I am convinced, you will discover a new part of Europe rich in history, as well as the peoples keeping up their traditions despite their tumultuous past. Living at a crossroads of important routes from all directions, we have shared the destinies of those who have had to prove their existence and their identity. We have adopted civilizational achievements from others, but we have also made our contributions to the global human heritage. Remembering both evil and bright times, we have endured them, hoping that we will reach the light at the end of a tunnel. Throughout our entire history, there has mostly been hardship for us, but we have always known our stance. Nowadays, driven by the logic of economic and social development, we invest all our human resources and other potentials in order to fulfill the ultimate objectives of modern civilization. At the same time, we get connected with the world and rejoice in seeing other people coming here too. Only in that confluence can we expect the highest summits of human civilization to be conquered. We are honoured by your visit, and I hope it will be an excellent opportunity for you to witness some of those efforts yourselves.



The Rector
of the University of Banja Luka

Dear ladies and gentlemen, by coming to our town you have come into an environment with centuries-old tradition inhabited by peoples expressing their hospitality wholeheartedly. Ever since the dawn of time, there have been civilizations blooming on this soil, from the old Illyrians, over Roman legions to modern European nations of the more recent past, thus leaving indelible marks on the lives of our people. Like many other nations, we have also contributed to prosperity and quality of life of humankind. Without education, science and modern technologies, such an objective would not be within the reach of every single person. Having acknowledged that, we have made it one of the most important missions of our University, even though there is not a long tradition behind us. We may be young, but we are curious, agile and ready to embrace all achievements of contemporary science and culture. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to have you as our guests, witnessing these efforts firsthand, exchanging experiences and ideas.